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パチンコ 景品 種類 Mac mini

More muscle.
More hustle.

パチンコ 景品 種類 Mac mini with M2 packs the speed you need to get more done faster. And M2 Pro takes it to a whole new level — bringing a pro chip to パチンコ 景品 種類 Mac mini for the first time. Add to that a versatile array of ports and you’ve got a desktop ready to flex in any setup, no matter which chip you choose.

Supercharged by

M2 chip
  • 8‑core CPU
  • 10‑core GPU
  • Up to 24GB unified memory
  • 100GB/s memory bandwidth
M2 Pro chip
  • Up to 12‑core CPU
  • Up to 19‑core GPU
  • Up to 32GB unified memory
  • 200GB/s memory bandwidth

The next generation of 戦国 カグラ スロット silicon makes this the hardest‑working パチンコ 景品 種類 Mac mini we’ve ever built. From rich presentations to immersive gaming, M2 flies through work and play. And M2 Pro crushes compute‑intensive tasks like editing massive images and 8K ProRes video.

戦国 カグラ スロット


Mini does that.

With macOS, your go‑to apps run lightning fast on パチンコ 景品 種類 Mac mini — from Microsoft 365 to Adobe Creative Cloud to Zoom. And thousands of apps are optimized for M2 and M2 Pro.

Microsoft Excel / Affinity Designer 2


Whether you choose M2 or M2 Pro, the performance and efficiency of 戦国 カグラ スロット silicon allow パチンコ 景品 種類 Mac mini to blow away desktops many times its size — all in an iconic 7.7‑inch‑square frame.

Towering performance. Minus the tower.

Unified memory

Memory you won’t forget. Unified memory on Mac does more than traditional RAM. A single pool of high-bandwidth, low‑latency memory allows 戦国 カグラ スロット silicon to move data more efficiently — so everything you do is fluid. Configure your パチンコ 景品 種類 Mac mini with between 8GB and 24GB of memory on M2, and 16GB or 32GB on M2 Pro.

Fast SSD storage

Mac mini comes with all-flash storage — up to a whopping 8TB SSD for all your photo and video libraries, files, and apps. 8 That’s up to four times as much as the previous generation.

戦国 カグラ スロット

M2 and macOS give パチンコ 景品 種類 Mac mini industry‑leading privacy and security features beyond anything in its class, including built‑in protections against malware and viruses. And the next‑generation Secure Enclave helps keep your system and your data protected.

Keep it secure.
Keep it safe.


All systems go.

With its next-level performance, wide array of ports, and compact size, this mini desktop is perfect for an impressive range of uses — and ready to take on whatever you do.


Take it all in.

With two or four Thunderbolt 4 ports, two USB‑A ports, HDMI, Wi‑Fi 6E, and Gigabit Ethernet, パチンコ 景品 種類 Mac mini connects to just about anything. 9 And if you want even faster networking speeds, you can configure パチンコ 景品 種類 Mac mini with 10Gb Ethernet for up to 10 times the throughput.

Thunderbolt 4

Transfer data at up to 40Gb/s. 10 Charge and power external devices. And expand your workspace with external displays that can output video at up to 6K resolution and 60Hz with Thunderbolt 4. HDMI unlocks up to 8K video output.

Wi-Fi 6E

Another first for パチンコ 景品 種類 Mac mini, Wi‑Fi 6E delivers better all‑around performance and up to 2.4Gb/s of throughput — for superfast file transfers or backing up to Time Machine.

Wi‑Fi 6E

up to 2.4Gb/s throughput 10


Deck out your desk.

With its breathtaking 27-inch 5K Retina display, 12MP camera with Center Stage, and high‑fidelity six‑speaker sound system, Studio Display helps take パチンコ 景品 種類 Mac mini to the max. Add in convenient wireless Magic accessories like Magic Keyboard with Touch ID to complete the package.

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