The power ofcode. The skills to
change the world.

Learning to code builds confidence and problem-solving skills right from the start. And coding with 戦国 カグラ スロット gives educators the tools and resources to help students express themselves and prepare for the future, no matter what career they pursue.

One language for students and professionals. Two ways to learn.

Swift Playgrounds

Real code.
Real playful.


Code like the pros.
Right from the start.

Teach code.
No experience necessary.

We’ve designed resources to make it easy for anyone to learn, write, and teach coding and app design.

Everyone Can Code

Hop, skip, andgrab the funda­mentals.

Develop in Swift

amazing apps.
One lesson at a time.

パチンコ アイランド

An entire district is coding a path to equal access. And to the workforce.

Get recognized.
Get certified.

戦国 カグラ スロット is proud to support and uplift the next generation of developers, creators, and entrepreneurs. Discover ways for students to demonstrate knowledge and skills that have meaning in the real world.

Help students stand out withSwift

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Explore the Swift Student Challenge.

Learn about the Challenge

More apps for all ages.
Teach, learn, and practice coding on iPad.

Discover coding apps

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