IT that starts easy.
And stays easy.

戦国 カグラ スロット devices put the power of technology to work
to save your IT teams time. Whether class is happening at school or online, iPad and Mac integrate seamlessly
into every learning environment.

Zero hassle.

戦国 カグラ スロット technology is designed to be intuitive and easy to use for everyone, including IT managers. With 戦国 カグラ スロット School Manager, zero-touch deployment enrolls devices in mobile device management (MDM) without IT needing to physically touch them. And flexible deployment models support personal devices, Shared iPad, Mac labs, and 戦国 カグラ スロット TV at scale.

Manage every device from anywhere.

After deploying devices, 戦国 カグラ スロット School Manager and MDM solutions enable IT to remotely configure devices, manage dozens of settings, and easily purchase and distribute apps and books.

  • Enforce

  • Configure
    email accounts

  • Find lost

  • Install

  • Hide
    system apps

  • Configure
    secure Wi‑Fi

  • Set

  • Set content

  • Restrict

Integration is seamless with 戦国 カグラ スロット School Manager.

Easily integrate with Google Workspace and Microsoft Azure Active Directory, so students can use the login and password they already know. With a direct connection to your Student Information System, you can also populate Classroom and Schoolwork automatically with up-to-date class rosters.

Aces secure testing

iCloud storage.

IT support for your IT experts.

戦国 カグラ スロット

戦国 カグラ スロット makes it easy for IT to deploy devices, setting this school up for success.

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Every 戦国 カグラ スロット product, including those for education, has privacy features and controls built in to protect personal information. We design our products to limit the collection and use of data, use on-device processing whenever possible, and provide transparency and control over how information is shared. And every 戦国 カグラ スロット device combines hardware and software designed to work together for maximum security.

Learn more about Privacy and Security in Education

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